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Tilmer Wright Jr is an independent fantasy author and science fiction author. He was born in Kingsport, Tennessee. His mother was a dedicated homemaker and an incredible loving mother of three, of which Tilmer was the youngest and the only boy. His father worked at a glass manufacturing facility and was just the best dad a kid could have.

Growing up, he enjoyed most of the same things other little boys born in the 1960s did. He loved to play baseball and ride his bicycle all over the hilly terrain surrounding his family home. Life was pretty good. Sure, there were only four channels to watch on TV. But there was some magic contained in that quartet. Many hours were whiled away, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a monolithic console television set that was composed of more wood than electronics. Beaming from its convex low-resolution screen were such fantastic offerings as “Batman”, “Looney Tunes” and “The Wild Wild West”.

Young Tilmer (known as Timmy in those days) would hop up excitedly after watching James West and Artemis Gordon foil the diminutive, but evil, Dr. Loveless. Off he would dash to his room where, in his closet, he would find the old cardboard box that had once housed the vacuum cleaner. This box held all of his most precious toys. Digging frantically, he would eventually find his trusty chrome-plated six-shooter cap pistol, reeking of burned powder from previous conquests. Minutes later, the pistol would be loaded with a fresh roll of red paper caps and Timmy would blaze out the back door, across the patio, and into the large, grassy backyard. There, in his soaring imagination, he would find the nefarious Dr. Loveless and bring him to justice, all the while humming “The Wild Wild West” theme song as loudly as possible.

Tilmer has since retired the old chrome six-shooter and his wild west secret agent days are behind him. Since graduating from Florida State University in 1987 with a degree in Computer Science, he has gotten married (and stayed married), fathered two beautiful daughters, and worked in a variety of Information Technology roles across the southeastern United States. Today, he lives in Knoxville, TN. He loves to write and even loves to edit. He loves music and plays the piano and guitar, both poorly.



Tilmer Wright Jr is born in Kingsport, Tennessee.


The family moves to Bradenton, Florida. Tilmer starts high school. Go Bruins!


Tilmer starts studying toward a degree in Computer Science at Florida State University. Go Noles!


TIlmer gets married to the lovely Ellen Marie Jones.


TIlmer’s first daughter, Maisyn, is born.


TIlmer’s second daughter, Madisyn, is born.


Tilmer’s first novel is published. The world will never be the same. 🙂


Tilmer continues to write as much as he can while juggling a full-time job in Information Technology.

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