Pronunciation Guide for Motes

It has come to my attention that the pronunciation of some of the names and places in my novel, Motes, elude many readers.  In an attempt to remedy this, I have created a list of character names, places and other words that might be troublesome. Most of these words are Darjian in origin. The language of the Mu’ahi is, of course, nothing like any language found on Earth. The way these words are expressed in the book are approximations as close as can be done using common English letters.

I hope this guide is interesting and useful for you and that it brings you more enjoyment from your reading. It is by no means exhaustive. If there are additional words from the book you would like me to expound upon, send me  an e-mail at

Names of Characters

Zhor Remmin – Daughter of Lah

“Zor” – Rhymes with “Four”. “Remmin” – Rhymes with “Lemon”

Lah Remmin – Father of Zhor

“La”, as in “Fa-la-la-la-la”

Axila Remmin – Mother of Zhor

“Axe” + “I” as in “Kitten” + “La”. Accent is on the middle syllable. Rhymes roughly with “Godzilla”.

Thom Finch – Son of Hugh

Pronounced like “Tom”. The “H” is silent, as in “Thomas”.

Nar Synna – Commander

“Nar” rhymes with “Car”. “Synna” is pronounced like the first two syllables of “Cinnamon”.

Kel Transik – Scout

“Kel” rhymes with “Tell”. Last name is pronounced “TRAN-sick”

Coe Bahrn – Scout

“Coe” rhymes with “Snow”. “Bahrn” is pronounced just like “Barn”.

Og Hassit – Scout Team Manager

“Og” rhymes with “Cog”.  “Hassit” is pronounced “HASS-it”

Lum Ihtwal – Keeper of the Holy Scriptures of Ro’ini

“Lum” rhymes with “Gum”. “Ihtwal is pronounced “IT-wall”

Sku Guytl – Engineer

“Sku” rhymes with “True”. “Guytl” is pronounced “GUY-tull” with a de-emphasis on the short “u” sound. Run the “T” and “L” together, just as it looks.

Ghama Ettinor – Linguist

“Ghama” rhymes with “Pajama”. “Ettinor” is pronounced “ETT-in-or”, pretty much like it looks.

Tya Habb – Linguist

“Tya” is pronounced “TIE-ah”. “Habb” rhymes with “Crab”.

Ymata Kalzor – Navigator

“Ymata” is pronounced “ee-MAH-tah”.  “Kalzor” is pronounced “KAL-zor”. The “Zor” portion is pronounced just like Zhor’s name.

Ahrv Golzhin – Scout Khalona

The “H” is silent in “Ahrv”. The name rhymes with “Carve”. “Golzhin” is pronounced “GOAL-zin”. The “Zin” portion  rhymes with “Pin”.

Dit Tanno – Scout Khalona

“Dit” rhymes with “Kit”. “Tanno” is pronounced “TAN-no”.

Xix Chronna – Mu’ahi physicist who was the first to propose “bending”

“Xix” rhymes with “Kicks” and begins with a “Z” sound as in “Zoo”. “Chronna” rhymes with the western name, “Donna”

Cuyt Mullek – Early pioneer in bending technology

“Cuyt” is pronounced “COO-eat”. “Mullek” is pronounced “MULL-ick”

Ro’ini – Deity to the Mu’ahi

Pronounced “row-EE-knee”

Lord Feynhardt – a hero of epic proportions

“Feynhardt” is pronounced like “FINE-heart”.

Duke of Ramshead – an evil grabber of things not belonging to him.

Pronounce the Duke’s place of origin as “Ram’s Head”. Some have thought this was “Ram Shed”.

The following names are pretty common so their pronunciation should be obvious. I include them here simply because they are important characters in the story. I thought my readers might like to have a handy-dandy list of all of the folks toddling around in the story. You’re welcome!

Hugh Finch – Father of Thom

Barbara Finch – Mother of Thom

Ella Finch – Sister of Thom

Eliot Williams – Thom’s best friend

Jeff Stover – Professor

Max Highsmith – Reverend

Mae Combs – NSA Agent

Roger Bishop – Homeland Security

Edward Davison – Bishop’s partner

Beth Holbrook – FBI Special Agent

Evan Calabrese – Holbrook’s partner

Noah Weatherly – FCC

Maureen Clearwater – Technician

Doyle Winstead – CIA

Princess Elise – One to be rescued


Darj – Home planet of the Mu’ahi

“Dar” alone rhymes with “Car”. Add a “J” sound like at the beginning of words like “Jealous” and run the two sounds together as one syllable.

Za’ahana – The Darjian sun

Pronounced “zah-a- HA-na”. All of the “A” sounds are the same – as found in words like “Car”.

Ammonarsik – Largest city on Darj

Pronounced “am-un-ARE-sick”

Other Words

Mu – A single being from the planet Darj

Pronounced just like the sound a cow makes

Mu’ahi – More than one Mu

Pronounced “MOO-ah-HEE”

Mullek – The largest harvest vessel ever built by the Mu’ahi – named after Cuyt Mullek

Pronounced “MULL-ick”

Eloni – The harvest ship previous to the Mullek

Pronounced “Eh-LOW-knee”

Khalona – A team leader

Pronounced “Kah-LOW-nah”

Now – go read the book again (or for the first time) and relish in your newfound knowledge!